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Here are your results! Please note that this quiz and outcomes are not here to diagnose your personal situation - but more so to bring awareness to the degree of which you can start to repair and feel better in the long run.


Did you score between 0 and 100?

You’re not very anxious.

Anxiety is a normal human experience and you experience it in fleeting moments when required - but generally you are not a very anxious person.

Keep it up by being optimistic about the future and enjoying the moment!

You're lucky but keep being aware of your moods and mindset to ensure that you can keep using your emotions as they were intended.



Did you score between 100 and 300?

You Are little bit anxious.

Anxiety is a normal human experience, but you tend to feel it a little more than normal. This hasn’t greatly impacted your life as yet.

A good way to make sure that it doesn’t get worse is to be mindful of when your anxiety kicks in and allowing yourself to try to understand so you can resolve what your triggers are.

You can ensure that you are on top of it by learning things like meditation and mindfulness.



Did you score between 300 and 600?

You’re finding life a bit hard because of your anxiety.

You experience anxiety on a regular basis and you use a lot of energy in trying your best to avoid it. This has stopped you from doing some things that you enjoy and from setting and completing some goals due to your fear and indecisiveness.

We would reccomend getting some professional help before it gets worse.



Did you score between 600 and 1000?

You have severe anxiety!

Having anxiety has greatly impacted your life.

You find it hard to work or meet friends and you seem to overthink over the smallest details. You may have tried medication or alcohol but they all seem to not relieve it enough or have lasting effects. Your anxiety builds on itself because you are not sure what you are anxious about anymore so you feel you have it most of the time and do anything to try to avoid it.

Anxiety isn't a life sentence though and you can get some professional help that actually works. Don't give up and keep trying.


Click this image for free information on how to manage your anxiety naturally.

Click this image for free information on how to manage your anxiety naturally.