Testing and Measuring

We take particular care in making sure our clients know what changes are being made in each session. We have an innovative methodology when it comes to ensuring client outcomes are being fulfilled and there is a noticeable shift in each session.

We measure several levels in each session over the duration of the program.
These levels are;
Client feedback Logical/Conscious level
Client feedback on Subconscious/Programming level
Client Feedback on Physical/Bio-Feedback level.

These measurements are compared over each session as accumulative data which allows us to pinpoint key concerns, trauma healing and coping mechanism causes.
Allowing for specified shifting in each session on all levels.

Success Rate

Our success rate varies from 60% - 80 % for addictions (including Ice addiction rehab).

Our success rate in terms of reduction of Anxiety and Depression symptoms (and prescription reliance) range between 80% - 90% success rate. Conditions such as mood disorders and PTSD show a high success rate in recovering from even long term diagnoses. 

Causes of stress and significance of effect on mental capacity, emotional state, relationships and health ranges from a 9/10 rating by client (highly stressed) and by the end of the program 95% of clients rate 0-1/10 (low or no stress). 

Other Benefits

Clients that have completed either the 8 week or 12 week programs report on a sense of confidence, peacefulness and improvement in several areas of life.

We offer on-going support after the programs which brings support and tools for a lifetime.