When clients come in for the first time, there is a degree of anxiety.

The reason for this is because most people in the current society do judge someone that has some kind of addiction... Especially if they are physically showing the symptoms.

We really make sure that in our centre we naturally are very welcoming and non-judgmental - simply because… PEOPLE ARE NOT THEIR ADDICTIONS ... it is just a behaviour that has taken over their life temporarily.

It takes over their life because the feeling of relief which they get from getting away and numbing their negative emotions and past trauma. They feel guilt and regret about the past or the future of their life. The feeling they chase to relieve the pain becomes priority over everything else.

If you can see the person, the real person underneath then they will open up the communication, express the guilt that they have been holding -  it opens up the space to lead them in the right direction.

So how do we make this stigma with people who have had some kind of addiction in their life, go away… as it doesn’t help the situation… it hinders. Why does it hinder? If we judge and dismiss these people (someone’s loved one or family member) then it pushes them further away from society, from getting a second chance.

From really be given a shot to recover and get their life back together, before they slowly start lose everything that means anything to them. Or even worse, getting locked away.

So why don’t we stop these people from hiding in the darkness, let them open up and start to heal their wounds and haven’t a second lease on life!