Ice addiction is a key issue in Australia which needs to be looked at differently if we are able to recover from it.

Only around 15%-20% of users will actually get addicted (according to the report video below).

We do see a vast difference in people who enter our clinic - from teenagers to professionals.

The difference between the people that get very addicted and the ones that don't are the level of negative self perception due to past pain, trauma - negative emotions and thoughts that it's helping numb.


Taking someone away from their environment is only a short term solution, without the deep inner work and healing - the relapse rate can be significantly high.




In terms of the perception of addiction, in particular ice addiction is that the drug itself is addictive.


We aren’t denying this, but the addiction itself is to the feeling it provides the user. The user will only become addicted if using, which induces a dopamine release - will have to have such a huge and significant difference to that person's current state of being and level of peacefulness/happiness for it constantly be made a priority in someone's life.


In-fact, with most of our clients we can trace back to when their habit has gone from recreational to daily use by re-triggering or creation of traumatic events - such as divorce or a major loss.


Video Above: Ryan Hassan, Co-Founder of The Melbourne Centre of Healing which is a specialised Drug and Ice Rehab in Melbourne, Australia.


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